Unit 4 Review


UNIT IV                      REVIEW

A good way to begin the Review is to first read over all the previous Keys in this Unit, including your responses to the Scripture references and Study Guide questions, as well as your mentor’s comments, and look for anything you might have overlooked, forgotten, or still need to work on.

REVIEW (Feel free to write on the backside or use additional paper if necessary.)

1. Which Key in this Unit was the most helpful to you? Why? With which of the Biblical characters did you most identify?

2. Which Key was the hardest? What is making it difficult?

3. Are there broken relationships in your life in which you have reached out, asked for forgiveness, and tried to make amends? How did it turn out?

4. How have your relationships with the others of the same sex as you changed since you began the program?

5. How have your relationships with the opposite sex changed since you began the program?

6. Have other people noticed the change in you and commented on it? Are there examples you can share of people treating you differently since you began the program?

7. Which areas of your life did you formerly insist on controlling that you have now surrendered to the Lord? What has been the result of surrendering?

8. Has your faith led to any suffering? In what way? Are there ways in which God has used it for good?

9. Have you made any compromises in the last few months that may have seemed like good ideas at the time, but which you now realize were deceptions?

10. Have you identified any lies that you used to believe, and with what truths have you replaced them?

11 Are you viewing any of your past differently because of what you know now?

12. Have any other trials or tests appeared in your life? How are you handling them?

13. On a scale of 1-10, (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest), evaluate yourself on where you are with each Key. Please explain your answers. Feel free to write on the backside if necessary.








14. Describe how quickly you quote a relevant Scripture when tempted. Please explain your answer.

_____I wait until I am in trouble and then use Scripture

_____I fantasize about the sin for a while and then use Scripture

_____I wallow in negative thoughts for a while and then use Scripture

_____Quoting Scripture has become like an automatic reflex. I refuse other options.

_____ I use the Emergency Prayer as soon as I become aware of temptation.

15. On a scale of 1-10, please indicate how victorious you have been lately over sins of:



_____negative thoughts, bad attitudes, hidden motivations, secret agendas

_____fantasies of sinning

16. Please go back and explain your answers in #15.

Plan of Action: (Let this plan put into action the Keys that give you the most trouble.)