This is My Story…

The Keys Program has been around for many years and been used by many people to find victory!

Here is what K.I. in California has to say…. (added 05/30/2017)

The biggest thing I learned (in the Keys program) was that between the Word that became flesh and the Word that we’ve been gifted to learn with, nothing can’t be overcome. All the powers we need have been provided, and all God’s promises are kept. What at one time seemed to be a whole world to conquer (ssa/ma/tx temptations) has been made weak and controllable by our Savior. Everyone can be saved in far more ways than one.

Anonymous in our Lord’s victory,

                                                                         K.I., California

Here is what D.S in Texas has to say…. (added 04/06/2017)

Before I write this testimony, I had to decide what word would best describe my life prior to Keys Ministry. That word would be “abuse”. Since my pre-teen years, that’s all I knew. I think that being told I was sexually abused as a child led me to believe that I would always be abused in some form or fashion. At age ten, I knew that I was gay and accepted the fact that when I got beat up and spit on, that it was just another form of abuse that was meant for me. I ended up doing drugs to “get away” from the abuse, but in order to continue this method of escape, I committed crimes to keep up the payment. I ended up incarcerated and life became a living hell. Though drugs and homosexuality were the norm, so was abuse both physically and verbally. I was always told that I couldn’t do anything right, I am too slow, I am not attractive, etc., and I believed it. I had a defeated mind-set and thought that the only way to end all of this misery and abuse was through suicide. I almost succeeded.

            I took over 100 pills that I had saved up just for this occasion. I was elated as my sight became blurred and darkness slowly came upon me. When I came to, I was extremely irate because I couldn’t even kill myself right. I had already started making plans for another attempt, when I was transferred to a mental health facility. It was at that facility that I first heard about Jesus Christ and Keys Ministry. Another inmate told me that he had gone through the same anguish, but thanks to Christ and Keys, he was allowing God to deal with his demons, and he suggested I write to the ministry. I did so, requesting that they send me more information about this ministry. When I received a reply, I knew right then that my life was about to change. In 2009, with help from KMH, the ministry director, I gave my life to Christ and participated in the Keys workbook. I was amazed to see how God took my sickness away, wiped away my slate, made me spiritually strong, and then helped me use my past to help others.

            Keys Ministry helped me to know Jesus Christ, helped me to recognize other defective characteristics I didn’t realize I had, helped me to rid myself of the defeated mind-set that plagued me throughout my life, and to use the negativity of my life as a stepping stone for honoring God and letting those who knew me see the change and the power of God. Because of this ministry, I learned to love myself and those who harmed me in my past. Before Keys, I felt that life was useless. After Keys, I now have a plan for success once I’m released in 2017. Thanks to the director, she helped me realize that in times of struggle and trouble, that God will be there for me to not only deal with them, but to learn from them so that others who may struggle could use my life as a beacon of hope. This ministry is amazing, and I owe my success to them.

                                                                                    D.S., Texas