Keys Outline

The Journey to Freedom is 40 lessons long. It is divided into 5 Units. Each Unit has a separate theme, and is 8 lessons (Keys) long.

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There are 7 Keys to Freedom and a Review Key in each Unit.

Unit I: Getting Control of Your Life. This Unit focuses on how the ssa/ma/tx overcomer can begin to defeat temptation.

Unit II: Personality and Identity Change. This Unit focuses on letting God change the total person, not just one’s sexuality.

Unit III: Confronting Painful Memories and Lies. This Unit focuses on facing painful events from the past, identifying distorted thinking, and replacing those with the truth from God’s Word.

Unit IV: Relationships and Standing Strong. This Unit focuses on 7 different Biblical characters; how they related to God, others, and themselves; and their strengths, weaknesses, and the quality of their faith.

Unit V: Moving Forward into the Future. Anyone who has stayed in the program this long has usually seen a lot of progress and change. This Unit focuses on where to go from here.

Each Unit consists of 7 lessons (Keys) and a Review Key. Each Key is repeated again in successive units, each time at a deeper level, so each Key is gone over again 5 times. Each Key has a specific focus.

Key 1: Desire. What is motivating the ssa/ma/tx person to overcome temptation? Does he/she really understand that God’s forgiveness is a free gift in Jesus, or is he/she trying to work his/her way to God’s favor by “cleaning up” his/her life?

Key 2: Faith. Is the ssa/ma/tx overcomer placing his/her faith in the mercy of God as a free gift in Christ, or is his/her faith in his/her own ability to live a righteous life?

Key 3: Scripture. This Key explains how to use memorized Scripture to block tempting thoughts, take thoughts captive to the Lordship of Christ, and build faith. The most effective verses assure penitent sinners of God’s forgiveness as a free gift in Christ.

Key 4: Forgiveness. This is the Key of all Keys. Forgiveness of others is based on God’s forgiveness of us. Ssa/ma/tx overcomers often come from backgrounds of pain. We forgive others as we focus on Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross on our behalf.

Key 5: Love. Ssa/ma/tx overcomers need to learn to love others in godly ways, without lust, by receiving the love of Jesus. There is no limit to how much we can love others.

Key 6: Surrender. The more self-will we surrender, the more God can bless us. When we hang onto self-will, we open ourselves to more temptation.

Key 7: Re-building. As temptation is overcome, God-pleasing thoughts and activities need to replace the sin. God has a plan for everyone’s life.

Review. The Review Key at the end of each Unit summarizes what has been learned in that Unit and measures progress.

The Plan of Action has suggestions that go with each of the 7 Keys. The same Plan of Action can be used with all 5 Units. As they make progress in the program, overcomers often develop their own Plans of Action.

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