Keys Mission

Keys Ministry exists to point to Jesus, Who came to save the world and not to condemn it.  By His atoning death on the cross, He has made the mercy of God available to every penitent sinner.  We are saved only and entirely by the mercy of God as a free gift. No merits or works of our own can contribute even partially to our salvation; every bit of it is given as a free gift to the penitent sinner.  Jesus did on our behalf what we could not do for ourselves.

Keys Ministry exists to provide a resource to same-sex attracted (ssa), minor-attracted (ma), and transsexual (tx) people who do not know how to use their faith to overcome their temptations or who have tried legalistic approaches and failed.  We are not only saved by God’s mercy as a free gift, we are sanctified by it as well.  We are not sanctified by our own efforts to keep the Law of God, for under the Law there is no righteousness to be found.  We are sanctified as we practice daily, hourly or even minutely self-examination, confess our sins, and live transparently under the forgiveness of our merciful God.  The Keys program teaches how.

Keys Ministry exists to get people into the Bible.  When we get into the Word, the Word gets into us and grows our faith while changing our attitudes, priorities, thoughts, and will.  The Word points continually to the mercy of God, which is hidden even in His judgments, and the Keys program shows how to find it.

Keys Ministry’s goal is to make Biblical help readily available, easily accessible, and free of stigma.  The only requirements are access to the internet and a sincere desire to overcome ssa/ma/tx temptations. The program can be done individually with a mentor, in a group, or as a self-help study guide. It can be re-written to address addictions such as pornography, gambling, or any other temptation.

Keys Ministry exists to educate the mentors.  Any pastor, missionary, Christian counselor, campus pastor, chaplain, or lay leader can use the program to begin mentoring an ssa/ma/tx person to overcome temptation, even if the mentor has limited knowledge about ssa/ma/tx issues or lacks a counseling background.  A Handbook chapter accompanies each lesson and is written to teach the mentor how to help the ssa/ma/tx overcomer.  The entire program can be downloaded, printed, and translated into any language free of charge, without securing the author’s permission.

Keys Ministry offers a Biblical program for minor-attracted adults who are seeking resources to overcome temptation before they act upon their temptations and a child gets hurt.

Keys Ministry offers a resource so that every large church, every small town where churches combine resources, every prison unit, and every college campus can have a support group available for ssa/ma/tx overcomers, where they can meet for support, fellowship, prayer, accountability, and friendship as they work through their issues.

Keys Ministry calls our churches to meet ssa/ma/tx people at the foot of the cross, testify that however great our sin, Jesus is a greater Savior, and acknowledge that we are all sinners in need of continuous forgiveness.  God’s mercy in Christ can deliver anyone from the power of sin.  May we go beyond providing support groups for ssa/ma/tx overcomers as we make our churches the places where they can go for support, fellowship, prayer, accountability, and friendship.